الاثنين، 9 سبتمبر 2013

Facebook Feature " Pages To Watch " Vs Social Bakers services

Facebook Added new Feature to Fan pages Admin Panels

Now you can Add another 5 Pages to a small box in you admin panel this module named " Pages To Watch "

Then Page's Admins can add any 5 pages to track their progress .

You’ll see how many likes they get and receive tips on how to keep up.

The Pages to Watch module appears to be in place so that page admins can track the pages of their competitors.

this feature published by Facebook will fight other social media analytic web sites like Social Bakers , This services in web sites like Social Bakers are " Paid " services so we will face a new action either analytic services prices will go down ...... or we will face a new revolution in Social Media Statistics .

Tell me your opinion about this feature 

Facebook Feature  " Pages To Watch "