الجمعة، 5 يونيو 2015

10 Things You Have to remember about Youtube

10 Things You Have to remember about Youtube


1.       YouTube Is Free

2.       You Can Not Change Your User Name On YouTube

3.       You Have To Follow YouTube Rules & Respect Their Policy ( Or You Will Be punished )

4.       It Is Will Be Better To Upload Your Own Videos ( You Will Now Why In the Next point )

5.       Whenever The Video Is Exclusive On Your Channel It Will Help You To get More Viewers

6.       Remember That YouTube Is a Social Site So Use It as a Social Site

7.       Watch Others Videos & Check Other Channels ... It Will Help You

8.       Remember That You Have To Use YouTube's Free Analytics Tools

9.       Check Your Channel constantly , Check Messages ,Comments & It Will Be Better To Answer It All

10.   Stay Focus On Your performance & Work Hard To Make Your Viewers Return Back & Share Your Videos

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